we want to interview y’all

In addition to collecting essays, we are conducting interviews with folks across the country who are currently or have been involved in anarchist organizing in smaller cities and towns. We want to hear about your experiences in regards to what anarchist organizing looks like outside of major anarchist strongholds, in rural communities, in conservative regions and more.

What does it look like to build autonomy in these places?

What does it look like to succeed and to fail?

What does allyship look like in communities where there is no Left with which to have that love/hate relationship?

How do we connect with others in struggle when geographically isolated?

How do we organize openly as anarchists and build stronger community ties?

Interested in being interviewed? All those participating will be anonymous in the publication (zine, this website, other possible means of publishing) and identified by solely region, city or town.

Email us: thespacesbetween@riseup.net


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