Back from Tour! Moving Forward

Hey y’all! We just want to extend a very warm “Thank You” to everyone we met on tour, everyone that put us up, organized an event, or just came to hear us run our mouths. We got so much out of this trip, and we hope that y’all did too. Moving forward we are working on a more comprehensive report back, and we have already started work on some short pieces to flesh out ideas that many of you had input and perspectives on. We really value all of the conversations we had on the road, and we want you to know that its all being folded into the things we have already been trying to put on paper.

We are still looking for people to interview and to contribute their own writing! Please get in touch with us! We really want this to be a collaborative project, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us and brainstorm some new approaches with us.

Until we complete a full report back, check out the coverage we got on a couple really amazing podcasts! You should probably just add these podcasts to your regular rotation if you haven’t already…


The Final Straw – Interview

The Ex-Worker – Shoutout


Hope we hear from you soon!

the kids who never fucking left




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